Now part of Grand Junction Media, Inc. our station cluster consists of KISS 94.3, Juan 104.7, Red Rock 101.5, and Canyon Country 107.3.
 We cover the Western Slope and Eastern Utah
with Top 40s to Spanish Hits to Classic Hits to Country.
We bring you only the greatest hits anywhere you are on the Western Slope.
Digital HD channels available from 101.5-FM
HD1 – Redrock 101, HD2 – Juan, HD3 – Kiss FM, HD4 – Canyon Country

KISS 94.3 FM is the Grand Valley’s newest “Hot AC” station. Kiss 94 plays a comfortable mix of Adult Contemporary and Top 40s hits. The Kiss 94 format plays only the best from the 90s to today.

Juan 104.7 FM is Grand Valley’s only FM Spanish-Language radio station. Juan 104 plays a variety of Spanish-Language adult hits from the 70s to today.

Red Rock 101 plays only the greatest classic hits and the parent product of our radio cluster. Redrock 101 reaches from Western Colorado into Eastern Utah with both analog and HD Digital signals. We brought HD Digital radio to the Grand Valley!

107.3 The Outlaw plays the greatest Country mix with Classics and new tracks. We’re not Oldies and we’re not Pop Country. We’re the leader in playing the true Country icons. We’re right where we should be.
We’re Outlaw Country.